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edit 05/27/07:
To be honest, most of the better stuff is "friends-only", so please keep that in mind when reading!

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aka "Dream Cats DS"
aka NintenCats!

I didn't know this existed, but I followed the link from Café Calico, the cat-petting cafe in Tokyo (where I would like to visit), and voila! Can anyone who know more about current DS games tell me if this is out in the States? or can anyone who knows more Japanese than me tell me if it says anything to that effect on the website?

kitteh kitteh kitteh!!!
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soft fabrics // core-dump

i've been clicking around so much on ffffound...and all i want to do is group these random assortments of images. i just wish i knew who the artists were more of the time! i want a fffound account if anyone has an invite to share... :)

Virgil is almost done with his aviation project for Oshkosh...he's successfully started his own one-man band/design company/sole proprietorship. Go Big V! Between clients he will be creating a super tech confuse-a-cat toy for Kahimi.

here are some images. there were all going to relate...but i kind of gave up and just chose a bunch i liked.

sylvia plachy and ??
my original intention was to post a series of images with this sort of repetition, but honestly i got distracted along the way...

froststick on deviantart

Christopher David Ryan

one or maybe two more after this...and then i need to save some. :)